Sore throat : Causes, prevention and rapid assistance

Colds announce themselves in many people with unpleasant scratching and discomfort in the throat. Often this symptom is a result of cold, wet feet and a sign that cold bacteria and viruses have struck . Whether and which help home remedies depends on the cause.

Sore throat is a symptom, not a disease in itself. The cause may be a virus, the flu, or even may cause a runny nose, a most bacterial tonsillitis, too long a stay in nicotine- saturated or dry air or cooling down by drafts . For sore throat in combination with swallowing, hoarseness, and strong fever, it is high time to see a doctor.

In general, announces so namely a respiratory infection, which goes beyond an annoying but harmless cold.

Flu, laryngitis, or even pneumonia are then possibly coming. Caution is also required when the lymph nodes in the neck swollen and mucous membranes are very red in the throat area. In acute fever sufferers should refrain basically in cold, wet environments on sports or exercise.

Preventive measures against sore throat.

Quick remedy for neck pain

When one is attacked, despite all the precautions of neck discomfort, which can relieve the annoying symptoms by various means.

Warm wrap : A damp cloth or towel moistened with warm water, a few drops of an essential oil to often work wonders. The wrap is additionally covered with a dry towel or scarf to keep the heat for long.

Medicinal teas for colds do with their disinfecting and soothing effect and the strep throat well . For example, you include sage, thyme, mallow or hibiscus.

Throat drops honey-based or with active ingredients from Iceland moss, sage, plantain maintain the mucous membranes, relieve inflammation pain and scratching.

It is also helpful gargling with plain salt water, chamomile or sage infusion . Sage such as chamomile have a strong astringent, anti-inflammatory effect.

Throat spray with antiseptic agents help against acute inflammation in the throat. They penetrate deep into the throat. Are substances as contained hexetidin, attention must be paid to the compatibility.

What food it is healthy? Part2

2. Eat preferred products from organic farming

Both the fruit and vegetable production as well as in animals, it comes in conventional agriculture to immense stakes of pesticides, fertilizers, medicines and hormone preparations which can also harm human health not only of nature and the environment, but our diet. Thus you should always use products from organic farming prefer . Organic farming may be required by law to use no synthetic pesticides, is committed to the humane treatment, hormone – and drug- free animal husbandry and rejects genetic engineering.

3. Decrease the percentage of carbohydrates

This tip is especially good to those who want to let the pounds fall off. A diet based on vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products from organic farming is guaranteed so many a flab to the collar. If there is no one time or another but still the supplement, grab better unprocessed carbohydrate sources such as rice or potatoes. Bread, pasta or cake should present to your daily eating plan rather the exception.

Every week a new recipe at fitkurs

For many, this type of diet requires a rethink and the rearrangement of the previous eating habits. This does not mean that it is not possible to realize a healthy and delicious diet in everyday life. To give you a few ideas that we publish every week from now a super delicious and healthy recipe. Combine this with our fun and effective workouts and you is on the way to your personal best shape nothing in the way!

What food is healthy?

New series starts with recipe ideas – Healthy, delicious food everyday

Something good should offer you his body not only with regular exercise, enough sleep and as little stress. What we eat contributes significantly to achieving our objectives: be it a gorgeous beach and bikini figure, better stamina and fitness and general good health, the fact remains that you are what you eat!

But what is healthy? How I eat ” right”? Will you commit to muscle mass? Maybe Would you just hold your weight, but do not permanently control the portion size of your meal ? Although the demands on our diet depending on activity level, age and personal goals vary, I would like to mention tips for a healthy diet in the following 3.

1. “Eat real foods”

The fresher and the less processed a food is, the better. Each type of processing, such as pasteurization, homogenization or skimming of cow’s milk, contains a series of processes . These processes take the food is not only a large part of their original nutritional value but also usually include a number of difficult -to-follow production and processing steps, some of which do not get along without the use of various chemicals and other auxiliary remedies.

That’s why the motto is: the less processed food is, the better: milk is best straight from the cow, vegetable / fruit, etc. best straight from the field or from its own vineyards .