What food is healthy?

New series starts with recipe ideas – Healthy, delicious food everyday

Something good should offer you his body not only with regular exercise, enough sleep and as little stress. What we eat contributes significantly to achieving our objectives: be it a gorgeous beach and bikini figure, better stamina and fitness and general good health, the fact remains that you are what you eat!

But what is healthy? How I eat ” right”? Will you commit to muscle mass? Maybe Would you just hold your weight, but do not permanently control the portion size of your meal ? Although the demands on our diet depending on activity level, age and personal goals vary, I would like to mention tips for a healthy diet in the following 3.

1. “Eat real foods”

The fresher and the less processed a food is, the better. Each type of processing, such as pasteurization, homogenization or skimming of cow’s milk, contains a series of processes . These processes take the food is not only a large part of their original nutritional value but also usually include a number of difficult -to-follow production and processing steps, some of which do not get along without the use of various chemicals and other auxiliary remedies.

That’s why the motto is: the less processed food is, the better: milk is best straight from the cow, vegetable / fruit, etc. best straight from the field or from its own vineyards .